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Scotland Yet / Karine Polwart

Title : Scotland Yet / Karine Polwart
Upload Date : November 21, 2013 19:57:11
STEELE THE SHOW: THE MAN One of Scotland's best loved singer songwriters, Davy Steele was loved equally for his sensitivity to others and for his charismatic ebullient nature. Davy could always be relied upon to 'get the party started'. Born in 1948 in Summerlea, Prestonpans, on the banks of the River Forth, he remained a proud 'Panner' all his life. Davy's rich life took him to many places, from tours with the 1st Tank Regiment in the army to his lifetime dream of touring as a musician. He was well known for his earlier work with Drinker's Drouth and Ceolbeg and the bands he co-founded: Clan Alba, Urbin Ri and Caledon but is was Battlefield Band in the 1990's that allowed his talents to be fully shared with the wider world. A proud family man, Davy was married twice and had four children. 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of Davy's death. To celebrate his life and to bring his work into focus, his widow Patsy Seddon collected together all 37 of his songs to be published in a songbook and invited some of Davy's favourite singers and musicians to choose and interpret a selection of songs for this album. The songs were performed live in 'Steele The Show' at Celtic Connections 2011 in Glasgow. STEELE THE SHOW: THE SONGS Davy's song writing as a young man, explored soul music, adding various styles including country ballad before moving towards traditional ballad. Other forms emerged later; protest song, work song and love song, ending up with the ultimate 'come-all-ye' of which he was a master: 'Just One More Chorus'. Davy always sang from the heart and his songs were songs of Scotland. He was also renowned for his singing of traditional Scottish song and often his version became the definitive one. His own song 'Scotland Yet' was his call for unity between all the cultural divisions within this small country. STEELE THE SHOW: THE PEOPLE The featured singers are Karine Polwart, Kate Rusby, Kathy Stewart, Patsy Seddon, Sally Barker, Siobhan Miller, Andy M. Stewart, Dick Gaughan, Ian McCalman and Davy and Patsy's son Jamie (12 years of age). Additional musicians are Mary MacMaster, Eilidh Shaw, Mairearad Green, Andy Thorburn, Donald Hay and Gary West, plus Damien O'Kane plays guitar on the Kate Rusby track. With the exception of 'Butterfly' (recorded by Joe Rusby at Pure Records), and two other tracks, the album was recorded by Ian McCalman at Kevock Studios. 'Farewell Tae The Haven' is from The McCalmans album 'Flames on the Water' and 'Long Hellos and Short Goodbyes' is from Davy's solo album 'Chasing Shadows'. The album was produced by Patsy Seddon and Ian McCalman and was mastered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios. The excellent artwork is by John Slavin of Designfolk. This is a beautifully balanced album with stunning performance from all and we at Greentrax are proud to release this superb tribute to Davy Steele.


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