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A-Bit of Steven Universe

Title : A-Bit of Steven Universe
Upload Date : July 15, 2017 22:00:01
An 8-Bit inspired Steven Universe Medley.
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00:10 - "We Are the Crystal Gems" by Rebecca Sugar and, Aivi & Surasshu
00:47 - "Here Comes a Thought" by Rebecca Sugar
02:08 - "Do it for Her" by Rebecca Sugar
02:30 - "Peace and Love on the Planet Earth" by Rebecca Sugar and Jeff Liu
02:40 - "What's the Use of Feeling (Blue)?" by Rebecca Sugar
03:31 - "Both of You" by Rebecca Sugar
03:50 - "Strong in the Real Way" by Rebecca Sugar
04:38 - "Stronger than You" by Rebecca Sugar
05:56 - "We Are the Crystal Gems" by Rebecca Sugar and, Aivi & Surasshu
06:21 - "It's Over Isn't It" by Rebecca Sugar
06:31 - "Love Like You" by Aivi & Surasshu, and Rebecca Sugar

Arranged and Performed by Joe Jeremiah


Can you do A-Bit of X? (Requests)
I love requests; some of the best videos have come from your requests! However, I get a lot of requests, so I try not to make any promises about what I will and won't cover. When choosing what music to cover I look for popularity, relevance and, ultimately, whether I like the music and believe I can do it any justice.

Any tips for people wanting to pick up keyboard/ piano?
1. Listen to as much music as possible!
2. Learn to play by ear. Listen to the music you like and try to figure out how to play through trial and error. You can use sheets to see if you got it right, if you like.
3. Learn the major, minor and pentatonic scales, as well as basic chords. These will help you to…
4. IMPROVISE. Have fun and make stuff up. There’s plenty of teachers on YouTube who can give you great advice on how it's done.
5. Use the internet. This was a huge part of my own development as a player. I am almost completely self-taught… unless you count the internet as a teacher!

What equipment do you use?
For A-Bit of 8-Bit I play a Novation Launchkey 49. I run this through Plogue Chipsounds for the 8-bit sounds. I record and arrange in FLstudio. I use a Canon Kiss x4 to film and edit in Final Cut X.


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